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Life Insurance
Randy Taylor has worked as a multi company life insurance broker for over 33 years. During that time he has helped over 4.000 consumers obtain the right insurance at the lowest possible price by choosing the best of over 1,200 companies available for each client.
He is considered an expert in the industry and was 1st published in 1998.
He offers free estimates by phone or in person, to California residents.

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Sales Training
Life Insurance
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Identity Theft
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This website and free training page has one goal: 
To help the entrepreneur and/or sales person find information on field tested ideas that work . . . 

No fluff, or opinions; just training that is success proven. ..
Uber New Driver Link
Uber Driver - Part Time Income
 * Message Randy with the form above to confirm the new driver bonuses or guarantees for your city.
Identity Theft Protection Discounted
Identity Theft:  A serious issue, Contact me for information on how to protect yourself. 
Discount Legal Membership
Discounted Legal Services: A plan where you pay a little and have access to skilled attorneys when you need them. Contact me for details. 
Randy Tayler Content not Commercials
Public Speaker
Speaking topic specialties:
  • Social Media Practices that work
  • Sales skills including:
  • How to develop rapport in 2 minutes.
  • The Mark Sheer method of referral gathering
  • Telephone skills that work in any industry
  • Fact finding techiniques
  • Objection Handling
  • Closing
  • How to set up and use a database for contact management
  • The art of networking 
Men's Group
Group meets monthly in person with Facebook page to stay in touch and provide information and support between meetings. 
Focus is on Men's camaraderie, issues and personal growth. 
Actor Acting Resume
  • Acting
  • Voice Overs
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Annuity savings accounts   He is also certified by the State of California for Fixed Annuity Savings Accounts and has advised financial planners and independent insurance brokers for 10 years.
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