Who is Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Committee? 

Welcome to Fair Oaks Village
Fair Oaks Village Way-Finding Signs - a FOVEC project
Nestled among the oaks along the banks of the American River rises the Fair Oaks Village, California.

From its development in the early years of the last century, Fair Oaks Village has been known for good living, active commerce, and strong community. The Fair Oaks Village has been the heart of Fair Oaks ever since development started in 1895, a hub of community and commerce since the early 1900's and still a quiet rural hub as late as the 1950's. With the new Sunrise Blvd. bridge, commute traffic skirted the village allowing it to blend the charm of community with the bustle of commerce, the flourish of performing and visual arts, the use and enjoyment of public spaces and the celebration of festivals and farmers markets.

FOVEC is a non profit community organization dedicated to improving the Fair Oaks Village.
Current Projects
  • Fair Oaks Property & Business Improvement District 
  • Parking Improvements
  • Fixing website
  • Gateway Arch
  • Implement Economic Opportunity Study ideas

Past Projects
  • Vision Document
  • Way finding signs
  • Triangle landscaping
  • Village Farmers Market
  • Parking Improvements
  • Fair Oaks Blvd. upgrade project
  • Economic Opportunity Study

Fair Oaks Property & Business Improvement District Information

Business Improvement District logo
What is a PBID:
  • Purpose: to improve a commercial district (Fair Oaks Village) via services that enhance property and business values
  • Financed using a self-imposed assessment on commercial property
  • Governed by a board (of fellow Fair Oaks Village) commercial property owners you choose
  • PBID was legislated in 1994 as a private sector initiative for revitalizing specific commercial areas, aka Districts.
Fair Oaks Village PBID benefits
Fair Oaks Village PBID purposes:
  • Safety - Keep our people, businesses and properties safe.
  • Cleanliness - keep our village competitively clean and attractive
  • Improvement - bring government and private investments to enhance the value of our village.
  • Advocate - for Village Interests
  • Market - attract additional customers and complementary businesses to build our village
Here are some other PBIDS

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Homeless issues
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FOVEC Meeting Information

Agenda's File Minute's File
First & Third Thrusday 8:30-10:00 am
Old Fair Oaks Library Building
4200 Temsical 
Fair Oaks, CA 95628 
  • We generally don't meet in July & December
  • Please verify if you don't normally attend as we occationally change time or location. 
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