Marie Dixon

Marie's art is permanently on display and available for purchase at The Yoga Center in Stockton California.
Artist Statement
Art is a journey that captures the essence of who I am. My family, my love of beauty, and my passion for helping others are influencing the direction of my future bodies of work. Many of my early drawings and paintings capture my family images of grandchildren or beloved family members who have passed away. My sculpture, “From Mama’s Heart” and watercolor bowls were designed to make a statement about foster children and starvation. My current paintings “Feeling Sad” and “Living in color” are figurative work that captures my current mood with the loss of my beloved sister. My plein aire paintings are passionate expressions of my love of the out of doors and the ocean. 

I love the challenges of new medium and the opportunity to use my style of placing paint or drawing to influence the direction I will take. I love the challenges of ambiguity and welcome any opportunity to learn and grow through art. 
Marie Dixon
Marie's works are on display at a number of galleries and shows from time to time and at her Fair Oaks Studio by invitation on special occasions. 
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