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Fertility/ Infertility Treatments

Conceiving and bearing a child is a very important part of life in many families. When they are having trouble doing this it is usually very frustrating and your options can fast become very expensive. Most patients that come to our clinic have already worked through at least the basic options in Western Medicine without success.

At the Sacramento Natural Health Clinic, we treat infertility using time proven ancient methods, receintly developed modern techniques and broad selection of natural alternatives. Each patient and each problem is unique and so is each solution.
Dr. Gantt established his Oriental Medicine practice at the Natural Health Clinic in Sacramento, California in 1987. His practice includes several tools and treatments to stimulate and improve both male and female fertility and to identify the timing of fertility. These are of particular value for families experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant.
Dr. Roc Gantt and Dr. Devi Nambudripad
Dr. Gantt with 
Devi Nambudripad 
founder of NAET treatments

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Dr. Gantt will speak with you personally and answer your questions between patients from his Sacramento Clinic. Or Call to Schedule your personal evaluation now. 
Treatment Areas Include:  
  •     Addictions
  •     Allergies
  •     Fertility
  •     Immune Systems
  •     Acupuncture
  •     Chinese Herbs
  •     Nutritional Supplements

Dos and Don'ts              
  •  Natural Fertility Treatments 
  •  What to Do
  •  What to Avoid
  • Herbs that Help
  • Acupuncture
  • Pain Relief during child birth
  •    Diet
  •    Alternative Health Options
Below we look at some of the tools Dr. Gantt uses in his practice treating fertility/infertility in men & women. 
Diagnostic Tools              
  •     Muscle Response Testing
  •     Nutritional Response Testing
  •     Lens 
Symptom (short term) Relief
  •  Acupuncture for Fertility
  •  Acupuncture for Delivery Anesthesia
  •  Chinese Herbs
Eliminating underlying conditions
  •      Allergy Reduction/ Elimination
  •     Nutritional Supplementation

Natural Fertility

The mothers body is where conception and development occur and is where much of our attention is focused, however and a very important however, the father is critical to this process. Usually sperm count has already been verified. We work with both the mother and father on nutrition. Eastern medicine focuses on the flow of energy in the body. When Western tools have not worked this is where we most often find the solution. 

We work you, your partner & your Western medical team. While we can enter the picture earlier, often we provide alternatives for couples faced with relatively expensive, less personal and sometimes invasive choices. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a good example. When an all natural nutritional supplement or time tested Chinese herbal treatment or opening the flow of energy with acupuncture helps a couple to conceive the old fashioned way, our patients see this as a preferred choice and financial benefit. When we need to go deeper for underlying factors like allergies, we use elimination treatments that provide long term rather than temporary benefits for our patients. 

We have found and successfully treated women to be allergic to their husbands sperm 

What t0 D0

Strengthening the parent's immune systems. Building your immune system's strength and function in advance of conception prepares both partners for conception, pregnancy and the rigors of child rearing soon to come. 

Why Breast Feeding - Babies arrive in the world with very little immunity. A lot of what they get/ have in the first few months is passed through their mother's milk. Mothers milk is babies best source for immunity producing compounds. There are several upsides and we are aware of no downsides (regarding immunity) to breast feeding. Certainly, when you have an issue or concern, TALK to your Doctor. Otherwise, we recommend breast feeding for all babies.
Follow the Doctors advice - Timing is an important piece of getting pregnant. Especially herb and nutritional sequences may cover several months. As the doctor works to align these sequences with other treatments and your bodies rhythms, timing can be critical. Missing a prescription or postponing a treatment appointment can throw components out of alignment leading to missed opportunities and restarting sequences that may take more than just a month to bring back into alignment.For this reason, making doctor appointments and following the doctor's instructions accurately is important to a successful pregnancy. 

Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables - Different colors are an indication of different beneficial plant compounds. A rainbow is a fun way for kids and simple way for adults to increase their numbers and range of fruits and vegetables. We suggest many servings of many colors. 

Eat live culture foods rich in probiotics -
Yogurt, Miso, raw sauerkraut, raw kim chi, . . . For those not aware of what this is, we recommend some study. The concepts are not hard but are beyond the scope of this space. The point is to eat foods that can replenish the living organisms in your digestive track that are involved in both digestion and immune function.  
Eat organic foods whenever possible - pesticides and herbicides are effective because they mimic or replace hormones and other bioactive chemicals. Even when there is no (very hard to actually prove) impact on our human biological functioning, our health is impacted by the organisms in our gut and on our skin. These chemicals are much more likely to affect the balance and performance of these organisms thereby affecting us. Minimizing these chemicals is prudent. 

When eating non organic foods - Sometimes we have to make decisions and choices that are less than optimal - that's life. When not organic, choose freshest foods grown with the lowest use of pesticides & herbicides. There are a number of good articles that address this in the greater detail you need when making meal choices. When the "best choice" isn't available be knowledgeable to make the best selections from the choices available. 

Exercise - keeping your body active from walking to running to yoga to martial arts improves health. Some are documented to improve immune function and we anticipate that future research will find that all do. 

Alternate health modalities - several alternate health modalities have documented benefit on health generally and immunity specifically. Utilize these to build health and a broadly stronger immune system so you are ready whatever the pathogen and not just for the few where Western Medicine offers vaccines. 

What to Avoid

Unnecessary use of Antibiotics - Antibiotics kill both bad and good bacteria. The good bacteria in our digestive track are a big part (some project as high as 80% for the impact of the digestive track in total) of our immune system. Taking unnecessary antibiotics kills good bacteria suppressing our natural immune system. 

Ground Beef not ground onsite where you buy it - more likely to have e. coli per Butcher Danny Johnson Taylor's Market Sacramento. 

The herbicide Roundup - Roundup has been determined to be safe for people by the US Government because the metabolic pathway it uses to kill plants is not present in people. Our concern is that the pathway in involved is present in organisms we find in healthy human digestive tracks. I have not seen studies on at what residual levels Roundup starts to impact on those organisms in our gut. Roundup is very effective and so is used on many crops. Residues are hard to totally avoid. Until we have clearer understanding and guidelines, we recommend avoiding as much as you can. 
GMO products - the manufacturer of Roundup herbicide has been heavily involved in producing GMO seeds primarily that generate crop varieties that are resistant to Roundup damage so more can be sprayed on them. We will stipulate there are other good and maybe even better reasons, but for this reason alone, we believe it prudent to avoid products containing plant based GMO ingredients on the reasonable assumption that they will have higher Roundup residues generally. There are GMO products designed for other reasons however, without good identification, tracking, and labeling even very knowledgeable people find it hard to identify details of what is in the product.  See above information for why we suggest you avoid Roundup residues

Processed "food" products - tend to include more "preservatives", more ingredients with "modified" in the description and more packaging and ingredients with chemicals with bioactive properties. We believe there is a lot more to understand about the complexities of how these interact with our bodies and our digestive track. It is difficult to impossible to eliminate some contact so we recommend you use quality fresh and whole food ingredients whenever possible.  

Stop Smoking - smoking tends to reduce the effectiveness of your immune system.

Herbs that Help?

One of the four foundational elements in Oriental medicine is medicinal herbs. For thousands of years before there were either vaccines or pharmaceuticals, people studied and develop a pharmacy of herbs. Herbs and plants were studied for their ability to influence and improve people's lives. Fertility was important and herbs that influenced it were carefully studied. Many medicinal herbs have long established histories of use to influence and improve fertility. Which one(s) are best for a particular person at a particular time is based on a combination of the doctor's knowledge and the use of muscle response testing - a powerful diagnostic tool for the doctor to communicate with/ listen to the patient's body. Medicinal herbs, primarily Chinese herbs, are an important and powerful tool Dr. Gantt uses to help the body prepare for conception and a successful pregnancy.
Herbs that Help

Pain Relief during Childbirth - 
Alternatives to Epidurals

Dr. Gantt provides child birth pain relief options for women interested in alternatives to epidurals. 

Does Diet Help?

Diet plays many important roles in nutrition and the your body's immune system. Papers and books have been written on this subject and these probably just touch the surface. Preparing for . One probable reason for this was improving nutrition for both children and adults. For this discussion, we are going to focus on two areas:

1. There are many diets that each seem to be very beneficial to a following of people. Often they clash with one another and each seems to have followers that show great benefit from it. There appear to be different correct answers for different people. Some general thoughts, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and whole grains, fish & organic meats incorporate more elements of benefit and less elements destructive toward your immune system. Broadly, the less processing including preservatives and refined elements the better you are. 

People that come to our clinic are broadly looking for impact beyond dietary changes. Dietary improvements will support the treatments.

2. Whatever else you are doing with diet, when you are allergic to something you regularly consume in your diet, this generates a huge negative impact on your energy overall and immune system in particular. Most attention is focused on the very strong allergic reactions a few people have to mostly just a few foods like peanuts. You can have allergies that present themselves at a much lower level but when you eat those items regularly, the cumulative impact is just is very significant and when there are even a hand full of such foods, the benefits to your immune system and life are substantial from reducing your bodies allergic response to them. Freeing the energy that currently goes toward allergic reactions for other purposes like your immune system is powerful. 

Alternative Health Options

Alternative Health Options
Many health therapies developed outside western medicine and the pharmaceutical industries have proven benefits for health, body performance generally and/or fertility specifically. Some of these include: 

  •     Acupuncture
  •     Yoga
  •     Quigong
  •     Tuina
  •     Meditation
  •     Chiropractic
  •     Laser
  •     Bowen
  •     Various massage techniques
  •     Nutritional Supplements

Utilize these and others to broadly improve your health and prepare for conception and pregnancy. 
Sacramento Natural Health Clinic
5500 Madison Avenue, Suite A
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Appointments by appointment: 
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Sacramento Natural Health Clinic
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